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Northeast Projects LLC is a building performance consulting firm located in the Hudson Valley of New York that specializes in Passive House design, high performance construction details and energy modeling. It engages a wide range of work from single family residences, commercial projects, mixed-use projects, new construction and retrofits. / (518) 227 - 0732


High performance building:


  1. Contributes positively to a low-carbon future

  2. reduces total energy use & utility bills

  3. qualifies for Rebates & tax credits

  4. Creates the highest indoor air quality

  5. improves thermal comfort

  6. implements superior construction quality

  7. improves construction durability and resiliency

  8. increases aCoustic insulation and isolation

  9. Reduces reliance on energy providers

  10. adds financial value to your building


Why Passive House

Building to the Passive House standard reduces our buildings’ operational energy demand through measures such as insulation, air-tightness, heat recovery, solar heat gains, solar shading and internal heat gains.   Passive House reliably delivers up to approximately a 90% reduction in heating and cooling demand and up to a 75% reduction in overall primary energy demand when compared to our existing building stock. A Passive House may be any building type such as home, school, office, store or factory.  Passive House buildings affordably and predictably provide the most resilient, comfortable and healthy interior environments.


1- Proper insulation

Determine the right amount of insulation for each building element to provide the most efficient passive thermal envelope.

02-air tight.png

2- Air-SEALED (w/ mechanical ventilation)

Create a continuous air-tight layer throughout the building envelope to reduce heat loss through air infiltration. Continuously filter and distribute air with a ventilation system (HRV / ERV).

03-thermal bridge.png

3- Thermal bridge-free

Use smart detailing and good energy modeling to reduce or eliminate thermal bridging caused by a lack on insulation next to conductive materials.


4- intelligent window and door use 

Tune window performance to perform in-line with the building envelope.

05- solar.png

5- Maximize solar potential

 Optimize window and door orientation and sizes to maximize passive benefits.



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John Loercher

BUILDing performance Consultant / CPHC

John holds a Masters Degree in Architecture from Parsons the New School and a B.S. in Architecture from University at Buffalo. He is a certified Passive House consultant and received advanced energy modeling training through Fraunhoffer Society in Germany and Passive House Institute U.S.

Drawing on experience in construction and digital fabrication to help clients integrate building energy simulation with construction details and systems. My goal is to make high performance buildings more attainable through cost optimization, education and streamlined building practices. 


Passive House Alliance US (PHAUS) is a membership-based organization with over 1000 members across 16 local chapters, five allied organizations, and dozens of corporate sponsors.  PHA-Hudson Valley helps build a robust national network of passive building communities across North America and provides resources, marketing, and advocacy support to its members / (518) 227 - 0732